Our services run 75 minutes which includes powerful worship songs with lyrics on the screen to make it easy and enjoyable to follow along. You will have a unique experience here on the online church. During our service, you have the ability to engage with others around the world through our interactive chat room. In addition to that, we have live prayer chat available throughout the service. Lastly, we provide a simple way for you to take notes.

Connect Team

This is the main team where all other teams are connected. They have 2 sub teams that operated which are the front end team (Host Team) and the back end team (We-Care Team).

Host Team – We have the main Host and the technical support Team. They monitors the chat content, greets everyone, answers brief service related questions and gives technical support to everyone joining the service, with a goal of creating meaningful dialog that leads to connecting with people and enjoy daystar experience.

We-Care Team – Coordinate the guest that signs up and ensure that they have a daystar experience and are connected and stay connected to daystar online.

connect team

Counselling Team

Proffessional counsellors attends to people who needs counselling in various areas of life.

Prayer Team

This is the intercessory team of the church that help to pray for people during the service through our prayer chat or affect the service through prayer request sent.


Commission Teams (mission Team)

This team is in charge of all the convert on the platform. They follow through until they become a member of the church. Active witnessing using digital tools leveraging on the available platforms for soul winning in creative ways.